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The Kennetcook Covered Bridge


The covered bridge in Kennetcook was famous because it was the last remaining covered bridge in Nova Scotia before it was torn down and replaced in 1967. It was originally built in 1873 after many petitions to the government asking for a bridge. The bridge was needed to provide easier access to get products such as gypsum, cordwood and timber to Selma for shipping.

The timber for the bridge was cut from surrounding land and made into planks. The iron for the ironwork arrived in inch bars and was cut with a coal cutter by the local blacksmith and forged into the needed shaped and sizes. The stones for the approaches came from the Gore quarry.

There were two reasons for covering the bridge. The first was that it was believed that stubborn livestock would readily cross a covered bridge because it looked like a barn and the second was because the roof helped to preserve the materials.

The bridge was lit with a lantern at each end at night. The lantern was filled with oil and burned until midnight. After midnight, the lanterns were either refilled or taken home.


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